MODAS: Sas Boghes de sos Cantadores a Tenore

Su podcast de su Progetu Modas

Su tempus de oe, su passadu e su presente de su cantu a tenore contados dae sos cantadores e dae Bustianu Pilosu

MODAS: SAS BOGHES DE SOS CANTADORES A TENOREis a podcast entirely in the Sardinian language that, through the voices of the singers, addresses in its entirety the themes dear to the world of oral tradition music and especially the ones of canto a tenore, immersed in the contemporary scenario of today's Sardinia. Sebastiano Pilosu conducted the interviews that make up the series as part of the research campaign carried out by the "Modas" project—audio recordings by Sebastiano Pilosu and Luigi Oliva, mixing and mastering by Roberto Macis. Executive production of the podcast, as well as the introduction to each episode, is by Diego Pani.

"Modas: Sas Boghes de sos Cantadores a Tenore" is available on all major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spreaker, and on Youtube, every Tuesday or Friday, starting Dec. 19, 2023.

The podcast is part of the Project "Isterridas: Ricerca, salvaguardia e diffusione della pratica del canto a Tenore" funded through L. 77/2006 of the Ministry of Culture, and is a production made by the Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico.

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