The Cantu a tenore census and network

This section of the site collects information on the two main focuses of the Modas project, a census on the topic, a comprehensive survey displaying in quantitative terms (and other aspects) the current situation of cantu a tenore, and the creation of a regional network of singers, choirs, associations, and local institutions, aimed at developing a dialectic that is conducive to the creation of projects related to the world of polyphonic singing in the oral tradition in Sardinia, within a frame of inclusion and networking between local communities.

One of the initiatives of the MODAS project was the census, i.e. to carry out a comprehensive survey to discover in quantitative terms (and more) the current situation of cantu a tenore.
First of all, it should be noted that the practice of cantu a tenore has peculiar features that must be taken into consideration firsthand. The survey was thus carried out by taking into account the different realities and bringing out the local and territorial differences and quirks.
The task of taking the census was entrusted to the two great associations of singers operating on the island: Associazione Tenores Sardegna and Associazione Boches a Tenore.

The associations collaborated with two ethnomusicologists, Luigi Oliva and Sebastiano Pilosu, for the coordination of the initiatives, the collection of data, and the subsequent organization and presentation of them all.
In each community, among the most active singers, those who could play an essential role as an interface between the researchers and the local community were identified.
At least 100 singers collaborated in the census in almost as many Sardinian towns.
A questionnaire was also created to be individually given to the singers; theoretically to all of them, but in practice to a large and significant sample of them. The questionnaire was implemented on IT support, through Google Forms, so that it could be easily sent to individual singers via WhatsApp or e-mail (it was not possible to publish it on social media to avoid unwanted compilations by third parties). We're certain that the questionnaire was indeed filled in by the singers, whose names are all in the database of the artists surveyed.
The duration of the investigation would have been much shorter and the work even more thorough if we had all been able to work under normal conditions, but unfortunately, just as we were about to start the work, the Covid-19 pandemic presented us countless obstacles, caused delays and considerable difficulties for each operator.